Well, fuck.

Sunday at our meeting, I told Chris I want too look for another sponsor after we finish Step 1.  Key words, after we finish step 1.  I’m almost done writing it, and I’m scheduled to share in about a month.

This morning he Emailed me and said he wants to terminate his sponsorship of me immediately.

He broke up with me in an Email!

I did the mature thing and gave him advanced notice, rather than finishing Step 1 and saying “bye!”  And I get an immature reaction.

So now I’ve called, Emailed, and texted.  He’s not responding.  I feel like I bent myself as humbly as I could, at least in a text or Email.  I guess it’s on him, now.  But, I think if nothing else, this confirms my feelings that he’s not the right sponsor for me.


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