So I went to the drive through last night, and picked up some McFeelings, just before midnight.

But, wait, isn’t Saturday night my night with the baby?  Why, yes, yes it is!
Why then were we both in the car at midnight?

I’ll preface this with: She is ok!!  Well, by the measure of “just” a double ear infection being ok.

But I took Emma to the ER last night.

So Seth drops her off around 7:30.  Without a jacket.  She’s cold, but also has a fever.  (She’d had a fever for about a day and a half at this point).  I start the bedtime routine, brush her teeth, change her into jammies, read a book, then bottle and it’s usually sleepy time.  I added Tylenol in there somewhere because of the fever.

After about 15 minutes or so in warm jammies, and snuggled in a blanket, her hands and feet are still ice cold.  And I finally notice that her lips are blue.

I text Seth to tell him what’s going on, but it’s his night off, so (presumably) he’s with his girlfriend.  I imagine if I said that to him, he would say, “she’s not my girlfriend.” But, well, that’s the most polite term I can think of for her.  ANYWAY.  He didn’t reply for about an hour.

Long story short (too late!) I hear back from the Ped nurse on call, and she says to take Emma in.  So I text Seth to tell him we’re going to Children’s.  Then I realize that’s dumb, and I should call him to tell him.  He texts back, “Hospital?” and then “I’ll call you right back.”  Ok.  Whatever.

So he asks if I want him to meet me there.  I told him that was his choice.  “Emma and I are going, so that’s up to you.”  So he says, “ok, call me if she gets admitted.”

Yeah, let’s just be clear here.  Staying with his girlfriend was more important than going to the ER to make sure our daughter was ok.

So, they do a few quick tests, look in her ears… turns out the fluid in her ears that she had at her well check on Tuesday turned into an ear infection.  And, wouldn’t you know it, high fevers in kiddos can do crazy things (such as take away the circulation from other stuff, making her extremities cold, and her lips blue).

I guess the moral of the story is: she’s fine (or will be once the antibiotics kick the ear infection) and he’s an idiot.  At least I know where his priorities are…  *sigh*

Oh, yeah.  So I know I have a habit of eating my feelings, and I generally recognize it when I’m doing it.  So last night, I decided to get some McFeelings.  After the stress of taking the baby to the ER, and her dad being… well… disappointingly himself, I decided I could eat whatever the hell I wanted.  (Well, whatever the hell I wanted that was readily available at midnight)


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