Happy Anniversary

Six years ago today, Seth and I got married at the courthouse.

Five years ago today, we had the big wedding celebration.

One year ago today, there were cards, and gifts.  Seth put more effort into that anniversary than any other occasion in the past.  It was sweet.  Even if I didn’t like the (expensive) bracelet he’d picked out for me–perhaps out of guilt.  We drank wine, and watched Frozen while Emma slept.
Two weeks before that, I’d kicked him out of the house for the first time.

Today, on what is technically our 6th anniversary, I’m living in my own apartment, and we’re nearly done drafting divorce papers.  He has a girlfriend.  One of his affair partners he met during the course of our marriage.

So, yeah.  Happy last anniversary.


2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary

  1. Anniversaries like that can be so tough. They tend to cause us to question what & why & how. That can lead to anger or guilt or a whole range of emotions. We can put ourselves on a horrible roller coaster ride. My first instinct is all of this bs cliches about “everything happens as it’s supposed to” & “you did the best you could”, but then I realize sometimes the best thing to say is simply …..hugs & I’m here for you.


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