So I creep…

Yeah, ok.  Sometimes I feel like a crazy creepy stalker.

I went out to lunch with a friend today, and as I was driving back, missed a call.

Unknown number.  Huh.  Crap, was that my therapist?  Does he need to cancel?  Hmm, no voicemail, *phew.*

This was about 2 hours ago.

It just hit me, maybe he was calling because an earlier slot opened up!  So I checked the online schedule, and lo and behold, the hour right before my scheduled appt. is now open!

So, now… do I show up an hour early?  I was going to sit in the Starbucks around the corner and read some schoolwork anyway…

Or is that totally creepy?

I should probably just wait for my appointed time.  *sigh*

But, but, but… what if it will help him, and he would rather leave work an hour earlier?  (I’m the last appt. of the day)

This damned online schedule site gives me way more power than I should ever be given in this sort of situation.  I don’t know how many times I’ve Emailed him and said, “ooh!  I see the X slot has opened up!  Can we switch??”  And the answer is generally yes, and he always calls me.  Doesn’t he know an Email will reach me just as fast?  If not faster? 😛

Oy.  I guess I should go be productive for an hour.  Since I probably won’t be after session. 😛


One thought on “So I creep…

  1. I’m SO glad to know I’m not the only one who occasionally feels like a creepy stalker. I see why most therapist don’t have an online social media prescience under their real name. I would be the creepy voyeur all the time😳 I would think if he was going to offer/suggest a different time slot he would have left a message. Gotta love transference

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