Cunning, Baffling and Powerful

So I have my usual Monday appt. with Sid tomorrow (I guess technically today, since it’s after midnight).  I’d been planning to joke with him how I had the overachiever flu.  I’d been sick, tried to power through, and it turned into the flu.

Well, I spent all weekend in bed.  Friday night, I stayed up until… hmm, about this exact time, catching up on OITNB on Netflix.  Then Saturday I slept.  And slept.  And slept some more.  Then watched Big Hero 6, and went back to sleep.

Today, I spent the majority of the day in bed, but maybe didn’t need to.  I did some reading, then got a crappy grade on the quiz I took (ok, 78% isn’t that crappy), and beat myself up for not knowing better than to try and do schoolwork when sick.  I tried to nap a couple times, but I think I was sleep-ed out.

So I spent most of the time on my computer.

Well, I eventually got bored with all the usual suspects.  So, of course, I thought it was a great idea to resurrect my online dating profile.

Hi.  Yeah.  I am so not fucking sober.  I need a sponsor.

At least now I’m incredibly damn picky about whether or not I think a guy would be a good match?

I wasted HOURS of time combing through profiles of potential matches.  I didn’t send any messages, or even respond to the one message I got.  (The entire message was, “Hi”  Like, really?  That’s the best you’ve got?)

Aaaaaand about 20 minutes ago I re-deactivated my account.  *sigh*
So at least I’m that smart.

But now I need to own this shit.  Fess up to Sid.  And get some help.  Because clearly I’m struggling. 😦

I think I’m going to reach out to Lee and tell her, no, really, I need a GD sponsor.  I don’t care if it’s temporary.



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