Hard for the money

So, yesterday, I got a massage.  From a different guy.  From a different cute, straight guy.  It was a very different experience.  More effective, I think… probably because I didn’t spend the whole time on the table wondering if he was flirting with me.  He wasn’t.  It was very professional.  There were a few seconds where I thought, “hey, that feels really good” but I think that’s just the nature of a shoulder massage.

Did I get a massage from someone else purely for the sake of comparison?  Mmmyeah kinda.  Well, that and I’m hoping at some point if I get enough massages the tightness / stress etc. that lives in my shoulders will be more manageable.  I also forgot that I had referred a friend to Tom for a massage.  From the sound of things, it was a different experience for him, too.

My conclusion is that, yes, Tom was in fact flirting with me.  And how do I feel about that?  Still not sure.

Ok, Honey Badger still don’t give a shit.  But the rational part of my brain does, and I don’t know how I feel because I’m pretty sure I feel that it’s a little inappropriate.

And here’s the part that’s even harder to admit.  Once I felt pretty confident that he had been flirting with me, I reached out to him via social media.
Yup, not sober.  Nope, not proud.

Anywho, I’ve gotten nothing for a response.  So, now I’m feeling really silly, possibly a little duped, and assuming that he flirts with most of his female clients.  Probably for tips.  But here’s the thing: I tipped not-flirty guy just as much yesterday, and the only thing that would really affect the tip would be a bad massage.  Andplusalso, if I had to guess, he’s going to get himself in trouble at some point.

So, time for a new MT (but I already knew that).  Maybe, uh… maybe I should stick to female ones. 😛

And, on a different note, I just wanted to reiterate that single parenting is really freaking hard.  I took Emma to her first Easter Egg hunt this weekend.  By myself.  I felt like she was the only kiddo there without both Mom & Dad present, and there were a fair number of grandparents etc. there too.  It was an… adventure to wrangle her at the hunt all by myself.  But I’m glad I did it.

Edit IMG_3306 blur

Oh, and Seth brought me flowers yesterday, for Easter.  Dub Tee?  (Yes, that’s as in: WTF)  If I had to guess, he bought some for his girlfriend, and they were two-for $something.  It’s a nice thought and whatnot.  But I’m just a little confused, I guess.

P.S. I should be getting the final draft of my divorce papers real soon now.  Yay.  Or something.


One thought on “Hard for the money

  1. Too easy to reach out on social media these days & easy to regret later😳 Been there; done that. Hugs flowers from Seth? Hmm? I can’t imagine having raised the boys as a single mom. Wow! Tough stuff. I’m not sure what would be worse. Realizing we’re not going to remain a family shortly after the birth or as time goes by & I’m more invested in him & the “dream” of us being a family:(


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