So, two weeks ago, I was in bed all weekend with the flu.  That Sunday, between being sick, etc. it had been almost a week since I’d done any schoolwork, so I decided to go for it, even though I wasn’t fully recovered.  Well, for an over-achiever, a C+ is a “bad” grade.  I got a 78% on the quiz I took (3 wrong out of 14).  And here’s the part that really gets me… it’s open book.  Everything except the midterm and final are open book.

Fast Forward to today.  Almost two weeks later.  I finally picked up my textbook again.  I think I’d let myself get discouraged by that one stupid quiz.

First, I was kicking myself for attempting the work when I was sick, and getting a bad grade.  Now I’m kicking myself for not getting back on the horse sooner.  I’m only halfway through the next reading, and I’m so freaking pumped.

Holy shit, Psychology is fucking fascinating!

RIP Leonard Nimoy 😦

Anyway.  I really need to build a bridge and get over myself.

Something I heard once, likely at a meeting, that I really liked:

Have you ever met a perfect perfectionist?

Yeah, neither have I.

Andplusalso… with almost 1/4 of my grade for the course calculated, I still have a freaking 94 so far.  Sid pointed out that I could probably get straight Ds for the rest of the class and still pass. 😛  Quickly adding, “I know you won’t.  But you could.”  You bet your ass I won’t!

Anyway, back to work!

EDIT: Damn it.  I got an 85 on this quiz!  I really can’t expect myself to be perfect.  Especially not with something I’ve never studied before!!


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