Open Mic Night

Tonight’s training topic was pretty heavy.  We talked about Suicide Intervention.

I was all prepared to come away from training feeling emotionally hit by a truck.  I had a self care plan in place, and I even texted it to Cameron right before training started.

Then, about halfway through the training, it happened.

So this training is done online.  From day 1 I’ve grumbled about the other attendees who don’t know how to mute themselves.  Coughs, sneezes, “Ow!”, cats meowing, papers rustling… and so on.  I was guilty once, too, of “psst”ing the cat over the mic.  To be fair though, I’d just plugged my headset in and the sound went straight to the headset, so I assumed the mic did too.  The headset mic was muted… but of course I was set to my computer’s mic.


There was a slight buzzing sound.
What was that?
Maybe 20 seconds later, again, a little louder.
And again.
Is somebody snoring?
Oh. My. God.  Somebody is SNORING!

It went on for another minute or two, until the presenter just quietly muted the person, and went on with the training.
Then tried un-muting them a couple times… only to more snoring.
While we covered a lot, and it was definitely heavy, I’m kind of grateful for the snoring to have diffused the gravity of the topic.

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