In your head

I said to Ned (my BFF) today that it feels like my training gave me a shitton of therapy and coping skills thrown at me.  He’s like, “uh, you did.”  Oh, right.  I meant that I felt like I got a huge dose of therapy for myself, though, but it is true that I learned lots of awesome things that would be useful as a therapist, and just in life in general.

That said, I still felt the need to talk to Sid once while I was gone.  Well, once on the phone… I also Emailed him earlier in the week.  But yeah, I felt like I needed to debrief the whole iceberg thing with him, even though I didn’t really feel like I was in crisis anymore.  Also, by the time I see him Tuesday, it’ll have been two weeks since my last session.

Anyway, we talked for 5 minutes.  Ok… 9, but who’s counting (my phone).  I got off the phone and I just felt so… I dunno, grateful?  Happy?  All I could think was, “damn, he’s good.”  I’m not even sure what he did, but I felt like 1000% better afterward.  Maybe it was the words of encouragement about how I was almost done with training, and “good job.”  I feel like his encouragement isn’t usually in the form of overt compliments.

So, I think I’ve established pretty firmly here that I think he’s a really damn good therapist.
Like, damn.  I feel like I cling to that.

Once again, the tired is taking over.  Maybe one of these days, I’ll work on a blog post somewhere besides bed, and I won’t get sidetracked by tired.

All I really want to say is that I’m afraid I put him on a pedestal.  I think he’s an awesome therapist, but am I idealizing him?  He is only human.

Hmmm… probably a good thing to talk about next session. 😛


One thought on “In your head

  1. Really? hmmm. Remember that movie tag line “I see dead people”? Well, with MY codependency, “I see broken people”. Then I’m drawn to them cause I want to fix them & then I hope they codependently return the favor. My therapist is not excluded from my X-ray vision superpower. He doesn’t get the luxury of a pedestal. I see the cracks in his armor.


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