I don’t like today.  At all.

So, when I had my meltdown during training last week, one of the things that piled on was scheduling issues with Sid’s office.  I spoke to the receptionist THREE TIMES between Thursday and Friday, to double, no TRIPLE check that I had an appointment today, Tuesday, at 4pm.  I’d tried to get an earlier appointment this past weekend, since I was coming back early, but that didn’t work.

So today, around 3:10 I’m driving from my volunteer thing to see Sid, and my phone rings.  I see his name on the caller ID and I’m like, “NO!!”
Sid: “Were we meeting at 3 today?  Or 4?”
Me: “Um, 4.  I’m on my way there now.”
Sid: [pause]
Me: “No… nooo!  That doesn’t work now?”

So, apparently they’re switching to a new scheduling software, and there have been some… hiccups.  Thankfully, Sid made space for me tomorrow morning, when [I’m assuming] he doesn’t usually see clients.  I know the scheduling issue isn’t his fault.  So I’m incredibly grateful that he’s doing that.

But, seriously, at the end of the phone call, I wanted to cry.  Two weeks!  It feels like an eternity!  UGH!

Oh, and we were supposed to do offer review on our house today.
Well, that would require there to be offers to review.  *sigh*

However, we did literally just get our first offer… at $44k under asking.
In this market, this early in the listing?  That’s a joke.

I quit today.  Come back tomorrow.


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