I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now

Sometime in the past few months, I’ve started looking at things a little differently.  Just looking out my balcony, realizing the sky and trees and all that look pretty–prettier than they used to.  At first I thought it was getting contacts.  Then, on my trip last week, I was constantly in awe of how gorgeous the clouds were (and, FTR I was wearing my glasses 😉 ) whether it was beautiful and sunny, or gray and stormy.  It’s pretty awesome to look in the distance and be able to see that it’s raining.  So, at that point I thought it was just the flat-ness of where I was traveling, that let me see so many more clouds etc. at once.  Then I got home–nope, clouds are just as pretty here as they were out there, even if they’re not as prevalent.

Oh.  So maybe the clouds aren’t any different.  But I am.

And then something happens and I feel like I take a giant step backwards.
We got an offer on the house last night.  A really good one.  And Seth was too busy on a date to discuss what we should counter.  Ugh, I got so angry.

I really don’t know life, at all.


2 thoughts on “I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now

  1. Interesting☁️⛅️. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? That between your studies, therapy with Sid & meetings, you’ve learned more about the human psyche & uncovered deeper layers of your own inner workings that life was making more sense or maybe you were feeling more at peace or making progress only to be reminded that feelings, relationships & the human experience can be complex???

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    • I think that’s very true! No matter how much I study psychology, and myself, and try to maintain healthy boundaries… and come at things from a rational point of view… I can never be more than human. I’m still going to have feelings.

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