He cares!

So, it took two days (two days!) to get a reply from Sid.  But he did call the insurance company.  He at least cares that much.  Unfortunately, they suck, and denied him.  Ugh.  I told him that I would pay OOP if I had to, I like him that much.  But, there are options, and I’d be shocked if I had to.

And then I did it.  I made it an incredibly long Email, going on and on about things.
Last session sucked
Let’s talk more about SDJ.
I need to find a way to slough off other peoples’ feelings when I do difficult work.  (Such as my volunteer gig, and presumably whatever my next job is)

My last volunteer shift started out with a caller who was suicidal.  I handled it well, but a few minutes after I got off the phone, I had to cry a little.  And one of the last callers I talked to, was so… I don’t know how else to put it, but painfully Anon.  So worried about her husband’s drinking, and wanting to know how much he’d been lying, and… how to fix him.  I really felt her pain, I just wanted to reach through the phone and give her a hug.

But, ok, at least I didn’t go into all that in my Email.  Just basically listed it as an agenda item.  And at least I ended the Email with, “good thing we have a session coming up!”  Read: I know we’re not going to cover all this shit via Email.

I’ve had some weird anxiety when I think about “my chart” like it’s something where all my secrets are kept… and when I started writing a list before sessions, I was incredibly defiant about showing him.  Now I think I’m finally realizing that if I have things I want to cover, it could be mutually beneficial to bring them to him ahead of time–or at least at the beginning of the session.

And now it’s time to pick up Emma from daycare.
Damn, a long ass nap, and a long ass Email to Sid… that’s really all I accomplished all day.  Ugh.

I’m looking forward to having this weekend off from baby.  I’m going to a few Single Parent events!  Hopefully my voice comes back between now and then… =/


One thought on “He cares!

  1. Ah … the secret file. I one got a hold of my file as a teen. Gotta love the big ass red warning sticker:
    Patient reading file may be detrimental.
    Omg …. The whole thing pissed me off. I disagreed with his diagnosis & most of his perspective was … well, I felt totally misunderstood. Of course I already hated him & thought he was an ass & a horrible doctor. I should have sued him for malpractice due to his treatment of my dad. I felt he was completely inappropriate.


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