Cracks in the dam

Doing my damnedest to keep that dam in tact until my session with Sid.  (seewhatididthere?)
I guess it really says a lot about how much faith I have in him, and how much I trust him, that the only place I want to even try and process these feelings is his office.

Anyway.  HP or something, or whatever, is really testing my ability to keep myself in check.

Yesterday we had to sign documents transferring ownership at the escrow company.
Seth was late.  I promised (myself) I wouldn’t call or message him to remind him of our appointment.  I finally broke down and called at about 5 minutes late.
Then when the lady asks how we want the money, I ask about splitting it 50/50 into separate checks.  She suggests a wire transfer.  So I give her a voided check.
Seth asks if we can just put it all in my account, and split it that way, because he doesn’t have his checking information.  The codependent in me wants to say yes, and/or try to find a way to look up the routing and acct numbers (since it’s still technically our joint account).  But I’m pretty proud of myself, I said no!  I told the lady I’d take a wire transfer, and they could write Seth a check.  She said he could call in later when he had his acct info.

Today, we didn’t close.  We were supposed to.  But something happened on the buyers’ end… I think their courier got stuck in a big mess of traffic, and their documents didn’t make it in time for the deadline.

So today, Seth and I each had to sign an extension document, so that we can close tomorrow.

Except, as my previous post might imply, Seth was completely incommunicado.  We could have completely lost out on the sale, because whatever he was doing (or whoever) was more important.  Even though our realtor told him about the document when she met with him at 6pm to get the keys!
Multiple calls, voicemails, texts, from me and the realtor… I even messaged him on Facebook, and Gmail.

About an hour or so later, he finally signed.  Crisis averted.

In the meantime, I’m stuffing the cracks full of cheesecake, and anything else I can.



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