OMG, They’re Kissing!

I’ve been struggling to put my thoughts about Caitlyn Jenner into words. This post does it far better than I could. 🙂

That Anxious Mom

While my husband and I were giving Baby Girl her bath last night, I walked into the living room to tell Little Man that he needed to get undressed, as it was his turn to get in next. Just as I walked in, I saw a half horrified, half amused look on LM’s face. The Big Bang Theory was on, as we have it scheduled to record on our TiVo, and this was the episode where Howard and Raj kissed.

“Oh my god they’re kissing!” he screeched. “Those are two boys and they’re kissing! Can you believe that?!”

Obviously Little Man had never seen two people of the same sex kiss before. Considering that a) we live in an extremely conservative little town and b) most of his TV shows are animated, this is no surprise.

“That was an accident,” I told Little Man, as I had seen…

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