Highway to the Danger Zone


I love Archer.

Anywho.  I met with Dr. J yesterday, my psychiatrist.  I like him well enough, I guess.  I liked my last psychiatrist a whole lot, so, this is just something different.  We talked about all that I have going on: school, volunteering, recovery, looking for a job, and oh yeah being a mom.  The pending divorce, and selling of the house.  He’s like, wow, that’s a lot of psychological stressors!  He asked if I’m doing anything for fun, I mentioned the single parents get-togethers.  We talked about dating a little, and he suggested maybe I wait on that until one or more of those stressors is resolved.

Then we talked about my interview at SDJ, and the specifics of the position.  Basically he expressed concern over my safety.  So, whatever job I get (assuming I do) will be my first experience in the mental health field.  It kind of felt like he was saying, “Are you sure you want to work with unstable crazy people?  Wouldn’t you rather stick to youth and families?”
Yes.  I want to work in the mental health field which, pretty much by definition means working with unstable crazy people.  (I should point out here that much of my training has revolved around reframing and destigmatizing mental health issues, so I would never actually refer to them as crazy and/or unstable)

So, I’m a little… I dunno, almost insulted.  Does he think that because I’m a short white girl I can’t take care of myself?  Anyway, I’m just a little annoyed.

I guess it’s good to be reminded that I’ll need to be very mindful, and not let my guard down.  There are precautions I may want to take if I get this particular job, or one like it.  And it might not be a bad idea to take them either way.  Honestly, though, the best resource I’ll have for avoiding/diffusing confrontation is my words.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll talk it over with Sid at our next session.  I’m just feeling a little irked.  At least that’s preventing me from obsessing (too much) about the interview, and whether or not they’re going to hire me! 😛


One thought on “Highway to the Danger Zone

  1. Are you certain his question was about safety based on stature & ethnicity or because you have a lot of stressors & you’ll be sitting with patients saying potentially very sad, scary, rage filled, triggering comments. The fact that he asked doesn’t necessarily indicate he doubts your skill set. He didn’t seem to be asking if you SURE you’re capable so much as are you sure you WANT to do that. It’s a fair question for a lot of careers, but add our history & it’s more than fair. My career in fitness is HUGELY triggering with my eating disorder. I’m constantly hearing from other trainers & clients … “I lost 10 pounds”, “I’m starting a new diet”, “How many calories in a __?” Am I sure I want to work in fitness with an eating disorder? Yes. It’s what I’m good at. It’s just teaching me a whole new way of looking at exercise & diet … “mindful movement”, “intuitive eating” & “body positive language”. ???


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