I … kissed the teacher?!


I PASSED! I PASSED! I PASSED! I PASSED! I… kissed the teacher?!

Well, half of that is true.  I just got the letter in the mail today!  I passed my Peer Counselor test!!  95/100!

I have napped, and subsequently caffeinated, but I am still positively exhausted from the weekend.  I need to plan better the next time Emma and I go away for just the weekend.

I had fun, mostly.  I got frustrated with my Mom a few times (surprise!) but looking back on it, I just feel sad for her.  It’s not quite feeling sorry for her, just … recognizing that, wow, I can’t imagine living such a miserable existence.

SO.  I’m sure I’ll talk about that later.  There’s a fair amount of stuff I want to talk about.  I was away from my laptop for a WHOLE WEEKEND!

But!  I’d like to end on this note, because I love this picture, and this girl.


This is Super BatGirl Emma, at her cousin’s Superhero shower.

We are also rooting for one of her little friends, not quite a year older than she is.  He has some health issues, and just had surgery today.  He seems to be doing relatively well after surgery.
So if you have any thoughts, prayers, good vibes, juju, whatever works for you, to spare… say a prayer for Super Little Man, and his amazing Super Parents. ❤
We love you SuperFamily ❤


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