I’ve Found the Perfect Man!

Spoiler Alert: he’s fictional

So, I know plenty of people have been drooling over Chris Pratt, especially since Guardians of the Galaxy.
Sure, he’s good looking, but didn’t quite do it for me.  That is until now.

Andy on Parks & Rec?  Not so much.
Cute, loveable, but dumb.

Star Lord
Star Lord?  Nope.
Hot, yes.  Badass, but jackass.

Owen whateverhisnameis from Jurassic World?
Hot?  Check.  Smart?  Check.  And OMG the compassion for animals!

That’s what it took, apparently.  I spent the majority of the movie objectifying him.
And you know what?  I’m totally ok with that.

Oh, I do also think he’s a good actor, now that I’ve seen him in a variety of roles.  The jump from Andy to Lego dude wasn’t very far.  But he was great as Star Lord, and also as a dino tamer.

Yes, this has been an entirely fluffy post, solely about a hot actor.

What’s that?  He’s married?  Pffft.  Oh, and a big famous Hollywood actor who I’d never meet even if he weren’t married?  PFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTT.  A girl can dream!  😛


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