Two rights and a wrong

Thank you, SCOTUS!

Oh, what’s that Justice Scalia?  What did you say?


This is one of those rare moments I can say I’m proud to be an American.  I’m trying to focus on the: OMG YAY! and not the: IT’S ABOUT FUCKING TIME!  And… mostly succeeding.

I was trying to explain the whole thing to Emma in the car on the way to daycare, and I definitely got a little teary. ❤

Oh, and I have to share this.  When cats react to the news!

So that’s Right #1.

Right #2, oh, I just went and got a job today.  What the what?  That’s right.  I had my interview at SDJ today, for the different department.

Side note: Emma has slept like crap the last two nights.  So… not quite 24 hours ago I was cursing that they’d rescheduled my interview, and it would now be after two nights of crap sleep, instead of just one.  ANYwho.

So at the end of the interview, I mentioned that I’d recently interviewed in the other department, adding that I felt they were a good fit… but the interview we’d just been having was a better fit.
Heh, amusingly, big boss lady who was in that first interview is the big boss lady for both departments.

Well, after a preliminary background check, I have a conditional offer.  (I have 0 concern about background check, or references, etc.)  She called me an hour and a half after I left the interview!  She didn’t want to make me wait all weekend.
Also: damn, an hour and a half for a preliminary background check?  That is FAST!  (I think it helped that I’d filled out all the paperwork with the first interview)

So anyway, she also talked to the dude who interviewed me initially.  And the dude agreed that the other department was a better fit.  So.  Yay!  I have a job!

Oh, and remember how I passed my test with a 95/100?  And I was still thinking: what about those 5 points?
Well, same deal.  I finally get a job!  I’m excited, nervous, etc. etc.  And I’m still thinking about how I didn’t get the first one.  *sigh*

Ok, yeah, and here’s the wrong.  I hired a babysitter so I could go to my Friday night GA meeting.  I’d wanted to go last week, but I was covering a volunteer shift, and just exhausted by the time it was over.  I think I kind of felt a little obligation to go, since I haven’t been to that meeting in a while (it’s 25 minutes away, and not exactly convenient!)… and in 2 weeks I’m celebrating my 2 year GA birthday there!  So I figured I should show up, lol.

Well, coming home, I totally scraped the side of this car in my parking lot.  *sigh*  And by car, I mean giant ass white truck.  And by in my parking lot, I mean this truck is so huge that it was parked right on the fucking line for the fucking parking space… and the space next to it (where I was attempting to park) is narrow and awkward.

I’m not gonna lie, my first instinct was to move my car, and pretend nothing happened.  I am only human.  But, I did the right thing and left a note.

What’s interesting is, not quite a year ago, I had a somewhat similar experience, except there were no spots anywhere in the lot, so I was attempting to park on the street.
In the rain.
On a hill.
Did I mention it was parallel parking?  In the rain?  On a hill?

Oh yeah, and Emma was in the car, crying.

So what did I do?  (besides freak out) I called Seth to come rescue me.  *sigh*

This time, I didn’t freak out, more I just got annoyed at the situation.
And I definitely didn’t feel like I needed to call Seth.
Then again, I think I’d called him mostly to handle Emma so I could handle the car stuff.

Anyway.  Overall I’m calling this day a big win.  I’m trying not to obsess over the job I didn’t get, and what’s going to happen with Mr. White Truck Owner.

I’m exhausted, and please please PLEASE let baby girl sleep through the night….


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