Well.  I did give that cute boy from the Urgent Care my number.  He never called. 😛

I’m a few days away from my first grad school class, and 8 days from closing on my house.  I feel a little crazy for taking both these things on, let alone at once… but, yeah, I’m an overachiever.  I’ll get it done.  And then look for the next project to busy myself with. 😛

I think the tension with my supervisor kind of fizzled.  He went on vacation right after the blow-up, and we haven’t really talked about it since.  Also, I’m thinking that adjusting my meds may have made me better able to deal with him. 😛

And now, to the point of this post.  Unicorns.

I want to date.  I haven’t found anyone worth dating.  I’ve been on a few first dates, nothing worth pursuing.  I joined that singles social club to meet people.  I’ve made friends, which is great, but nobody I want to date.

Realizing I’m probably looking for a single parent, I joined an online dating site to that end.  The site itself is pretty crappy… just not very user-friendly.  But I’ve had decent luck getting attention from guys.

I had two first dates this weekend.  One was a guy very close in age, but lives further South than I might like, and has a lot of kids.  The other was significantly older (12 years) and also lives further away than I’d like.

I met the first guy yesterday for coffee.  He was perfectly nice, and cute!  We had a good chat, and I felt comfortable.  But something was missing.  I was classifying it as: I don’t think he’s quite as smart as me… but I’ve come to realize it’s specifically witty banter that’s missing.  I like a challenge, and I think I want a partner who challenges me a little, in a good way.

The second first date was supposed to be today.  Past tense.  He cancelled.  I was actually pretty excited about this guy, despite the age difference, because I felt like the witty banter was there.  Well, he cancelled this morning, and said he wasn’t feeling it with the age difference.  He’s the one who messaged me in the first place, knowing how old I was!  And it was going swimmingly until he showed me pics of his kids, so I sent him one of Emma decked out in her My Little Pony attire.  I’m pretty sure the realization that I have a 2 year old was what turned him off, not my age specifically.  I’m disappointed, for sure, but, meh… what am I gonna do?

Anyway.  I keep coming back to the first guy, “I should like him!”  There’s nothing wrong with him!  He’s really interested in me, too.  A few hours before our date yesterday, he texted me, “Is it two yet? :)”  (Our date was scheduled for two, in case that wasn’t obvious)  We have a second date scheduled for lunch on Thursday, and he even said “can’t wait!”  That’s all nice, and sweet, and cute.  But… I think it’s just not there for me. 😦

So what am I looking for?  A guy, ideally with kid(s), who’s not a dick, and good at witty banter.  I want to be attracted to him physically, and intellectually.

I feel like I’m looking for a fucking unicorn.  But, to be fair, I guess I haven’t been looking all that long. 😛


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