Stupid Girl

Hi. I must be on break between quarters or something, because I actually have time to blog! And I actually have things going on to blog about!

Well, to be fair, there’s a ton I could blog about from my Family of Origin class. I imagine I will at some point. Speaking of… mom comes to visit this weekend. Hooray! Or something. I definitely have some anxiety over that.

But I’m here to talk about a boy. Handyman Luke, that is. And I really ought to get out of the habit of calling him a boy, since he’s 10-ish years older than me. :P,

So last Monday, we worked on my house together nearly all day. It was fun. 🙂 There was lots of getting-to-know-you stuff talked about, and a good amount of work got done. My attempt at a paint fight was sadly thwarted, I think because he was going to see a new client that evening.

At the end of the day, he said something about coffee. I kind of had an internal freak out, because I was all sweaty from the work (also my meds make me sweat super easy), and I’m just generally self-conscious and maybe in denial that this boy guy actually likes me. So instead of yes or no, I said, “what time is it?” “4:30.” And then retreated into my head where I debated whether or not caffeine this late in the day was a good idea.

I realized later that night that he’d been asking me to go out for coffee, and I kinda spaced on giving him an answer.

So the next day I am oh so clever and ask him for coffee over text message. (I’ll spare you the transcript, just know that it was clever. 😉 )
No response.
Wait, wha….? But… he… I… what??
The next day I’m a little more direct… and then after a few hours with no response, I take it back, saying “ok, nevermind!” *sigh*

A couple days go by, and I decide to be direct, because I haven’t heard from him. I wish him a happy Father’s Day, and ask him point blank if he’s going to do any more work on my house. He replies, and tells me about his plans with his boys for the day.

Yesterday I texted him about house details, what still needs to get done, yadda yadda, and how I probably only need one more day of work from him.
And he strikes up a conversation, asking about my weekend trip with Emma, and we chat for a bit. Leaving me more confused… but, ok, maybe he does like me.

Last night I’m mulling it over on my way to sleep, and I realize… Oh shit. The other day when we hung out, he didn’t just try once to get me to go for coffee.
He’d said something about it earlier in the day. Genius that I am… you know what I said?
“Well, there’s soda in the fridge!”

Yup. I am really that oblivious.

But, at least this realization makes me feel more confidently that he does like me.

That’s scary, though. It was much easier when the interest only went one way. I liked someone, or they liked me… but not both.

Well, so now I’ll try to pay more attention.

And I’m going to try to save face. I swear I’m not usually this oblivious.

So today I texted him and told him I’m an idiot. He asked what’s wrong? I said I’ll tell him next time he’s at the house.
“You’ll probably laugh at me. 😛 ”
“I always do. 🙂 ”

Damn. Set myself up for that one!
But, this is the banter I want. This is why I like him. 🙂

Stay tuned for the next installment of: Dee misses obvious cues from boys!


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