O hai

Well, I got quickly sucked into my second quarter of grad school. I think it’s going to be like this every quarter. Just trying to survive to the end, and enjoy some break in between. Of course, this “break” involves a trip to see my Dad and my Mom… so definitely not a vacation. 😦

Oh, I also (finally) moved into the house. Well, all my stuff is here, only about half of it is unpacked so far. Grad school and toddler don’t leave much time for house stuff. But this is the last week of the quarter, and I only have one paper to write. Then I am done! …until next quarter. Yeah. “Only” one paper to write.

It’s my weekend off, so I’m hoping to get a lot of organizing and unpacking done. So far that included wall mounting my TV… realizing I broke that one in the process, and buying a new, lighter, TV and wall mounting that one. 😛

In other significant news… Emma was diagnosed with Celiac Disease this week. She’s been having tummy troubles for a while, so in some ways it’s a relief to have a diagnosis, especially one I’m so familiar with. But, it still sucks. I was hoping she would avoid that branch of my genetics. =/

Well, that’s my quick check in. The house is coming along, work on the kitchen starts soon. Grad school continues to kick my ass, and will likely do so until I graduate. 😛 And Emma is amazing. ❤ More so now that her tummy doesn’t hurt all the time.


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